Did you know that exceptional editing can make mediocre writing good, good writing great, and great writing superlative?

Did you know that every informational product—in print or on the web—should be professionally edited?

Did you know that in every medium but the web, published material is professionally edited before it is released for all the world to see?

If you answered NO, you may need a professional editor!  And I can help!


An independent professional located in the Washington, D.C. area, I have over 25 years of print and online writing and editing experience in both the public and private sectors.  I help people and organizations communicate clearly and effectively in print and online.  I’ll

  • work with your words, rearranging, replacing, and polishing them
  • translate complex information and data into user-friendly text
  • focus your project and get its main point across
  • make your message powerful, clear, and concise
  • significantly improve your print or web writing while honoring and preserving your style.

I work with all types of businesses. My particular areas of expertise are:

defense     high technology     education.


My editing services include corporate brochures, marketing materials, manuals, guides, white papers, articles, newsletters, press releases, annual reports, and website content and design.