Editing Services

Every writer--in print or on the web--wants a final informational product that is clear, consistent, and correct.

An editor serves as the writer's second pair of eyes, pointing out and correcting mechanical errors and inconsistencies; errors or lapses in grammar, syntax, usage, and diction; inconsistencies or discrepancies in content; and any structural or organizational problems.

In web editing, an editor also makes sure that the text is short and to the point; information is presented factually rather than in overly hyped language or “marketese;” and the overall site allows users to find useful information as quickly as possible.

As your editor, you can expect me to:

  • correct spelling and grammar errors
  • fix punctuation mistakes, including comma overuse
  • check for inconsistent verb tenses, and noun and pronoun agreement
  • re-work complicated sentence structure and paragraphs that are too long
  • ensure that your text is coherent, that it looks and sounds professional, and that it reflects the character, integrity, and image of your organization.

Particularly for web sites, I’ll make sure that

  • your content is easy to understand
  • you’ve avoided viewer fatigue by not using wall-to-wall text and endless sentences
  • you don’t have long, scrolling pages
  • your text can be easily scanned for key concepts
  • your copy holds viewers and gets them to come back to your site again and again.


If you’re interested in finding out how I can help you, contact me by phone (703-471-4616) or email (gail@gailweber.com).